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Meet Greta Smith, Your Personal Travel Designer

When I was little, my parents often talked about taking trips to exotic places. But they didn’t really know where to start planning, so we rotated through the same handful of vacation destinations.  


When my sister graduated from high school we planned our first cruise as a family, which we had never done before. Unfortunately, my husband and I couldn’t go. But we got to hear all about it from my family and my dad in particular, who said it was his favorite trip ever. We decided to plan another cruise, this time for the whole family. 


But ten years ago, my dad had heart surgery that did not go as planned and the Lord called him home. One of my biggest regrets is that we never got to take Dad on that second cruise as a family.



Today, I work with busy women to plan extraordinary travel experiences with the important people in their lives. My goal for all my clients is that you will not look back and wish you had made the time. I get it. We are all so busy, we fall into thinking “I’ll plan it when I have time”, or “maybe next year… this summer just got away from me”. 


Vacations are such a special part of our lives- whether it’s a trip with your family, your girlfriends, your spouse or even your book club. It’s a chance to relax, reconnect, and create memories. My promise to you is that I will make it effortless- let me handle the details so you can rest and enjoy those truly memorable moments with your favorite people. I’ll work with my tried-and-true travel partners to design a vacation for you that is fabulously fun and stress-free.


Greta’s five fast facts:
  1. I was born and raised in Lancaster, PA

  2. My family includes my high school sweetheart, two daughters, one son and our dog

  3. For fun, I teach tap dancing classes

  4. I’m a total coffee addict

  5. My dream retirement is to buy a souped-up RV and glamp my way around the country...
    maybe I'll hop on a cruise ship every now and then for a change of pace! 



What trip have you been waiting to take? Who will you go with? What will you see? I invite you to keep in touch by signing up for my weekly newsletter- it’s a quick read, chock full of destination inspiration, with tips and hacks I’ve picked up from my own travels.


And if you’re ready to chat about that trip you’ve been dreaming of, let’s get together on a complimentary consultation call.


All the best,

 – Greta


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