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Wonder on your daughter’s face, blinking as her eyes adjust to the low lighting of an ancient pyramid’s inner chamber. She listens intently as your guide talks about the lives of the people who built these great monuments so long ago.

Taking your first step inside your fabulously fun bi-level family suite for your cruise. Air hockey, video games and a tube slide from the bedroom- what kid could ask for more? Wait… is that a hot tub on the balcony?!

Watching from your shaded beach bed as your son learns to sail in the Florida sun. Your husband is getting tips from the golf pro while your daughter tries out the trapeze. You sit back and sip your mai tai, thinking how nice it is that it’s all included.

At Savvy Travel Design, I offer thoughtfully crafted itineraries that let you give your loved ones the world. Get ready to relish travel experiences hand-selected to match your perfect family adventure, with every detail taken care of just for you, so you can simply arrive and enjoy.


Family cruising – I learn where you want to go, what activities your family enjoys, and what amenities are most important to you. Then I’ll find the ship and itinerary that’s your perfect match.

Family tours – Very young children have a totally different travel style than teens. I work with my trusted tour companies to make sure the activities and pace of your trip will be fabulously fun for everyone. Your local guides will show you the authentic local flavor and hidden treasures you won’t find on your own.

Family resorts – There are all-inclusive resorts for families all over the world and each one is different from the others, even within the same brand. Whether you’re dreaming of a beautiful beach or a super ski trip, I’ll make sure your family has the time of their lives.

The components of your trip will be matched to you perfectly, and all the details will be handled professionally with my trusted service providers.


All that’s left is to enjoy your trip!





Experience the mysteries of ancient Egypt. From cruising the Nile to exploring deep inside a pyramid, the lost world of the Pharaohs awaits your family.




Day 1  Arrive in Cairo

Day 2  Cairo sightseeing

Day 3  Fly to Luxor, cruise the Nile

Day 4  Explore Dendera and Edfu

Day 5  Temple of Horus to Aswan

Day 6  Aswan’s High Dam and Temple of Isis

Day 7  Feluccas and high tea

Day 8  Free time and on to Kom Ombo

Day 9  Cruising the Nile to Luxor

Day 10  Explore Luxor and fly to Cairo

Day 11  Cairo and the Pyramids of Giza

Day 12  Depart Cairo


Starting at $3450.00 per person


Mark it off your bucket list…

  • 7 night cruise on the Nile River

  • Egyptian dinner and galabeya party

  • Venture deep inside a pyramid

  • Visit the statue of Ramses II and the Great Alabaster Sphinx

  • Explore the Valley of the Kings

  • Visit Temple Hatshepsut, Hypostyle Hall, the Temple of Hathor, the Unfinished Obelisk, the Great Alabaster Mosque, and the Colossi of Memnon

  • Witness the Temple of Isis rising from the water

  • Take in the Sound & Light Show at the Great Pyramids

Finally treat yourself to the fabulous ladies’ vacay

you deserve




Girlfriend trips are the best. We get to be who we were before jobs, diapers, carpool, endless laundry… you need a gosh darn break! When you get to be the “real you” and your friends get to be the “real them”, you are bound to have a great time!

Does your soul crave yoga, hydrotherapy and a massage?

Does the real you get a little tipsy and dance like a college girl at a bar?

Do you just need a book, a nap and a chance to finish a thought in a straight line?

At Savvy Travel Design, I plan wildly fun girlfriend getaways tailored to the real you.  You bring the fun- let me take care of the bookings, payments, questions, and reminders. Whether your idea of the perfect getaway includes a private villa on a beautiful beach, a fabulously fun Caribbean cruise, or an artists’ tour of France, I’ve got you. I’ll take care of every detail with my trusted service providers… all you need to do is show up and enjoy.


Some of my favorite girlfriend getaways:


Resorts – Party like a rock star or zen-out, or whatever is in between. It’s totally your call, all I need to know is what your version of “chill” looks like.

Cruising – Can you say adult-only, drag queen brunch, suite-sized cabins and a dining selection that rivals the NYC food scene? I thought so.

Tours – Hiking, diving, knitting, gallery-hopping, or just checking off your bucket list. Let me know what your crew likes to do, and I’ll take it from there.

Villas – Escape the entire world in Tuscany, Barbados, Provence, Colorado, or anywhere in between. Tell me where your hideout should be (or ask me for suggestions) and I’ll find your beautiful villa, housekeeper and cook included.






Sail from sparkling Miami to the unexplored shores of the Yucatán Peninsula, topping off your lush ladies’ cruise with a day and night (9 am to 10 pm) spent enjoying a private beach club, complete with a bonfire party under the stars. 




Day 1  Depart Miami

Day 2  At Sea

Day 3  Costa Maya, Mexico

Day 4  At Sea

Day 5  Beach Club at Bimini, Bahamas

Day 6  Return to Miami



Starts at $800 per person, double occupancy



I design amazing group vacations so you can discover the world, together. 



Laying back on your comfortable deck lounger, sipping a frozen drink while your daughter and the cousins she NEVER gets to see dangle their feet in the pool and giggle together as they enjoy the best soft-serve ice cream at sea.

Looking out over a vineyard in Bordeaux as you listen to the vintner describe how his great-great-great-great grandfather planted the first rows of grapes on this land. In his thick French accent, he explains the special process for creating the delicious wines his family has been producing for generations. And how fun is it that thirty of your friends are right there with you?

Taking your clients’ experience to the next level, while building your relationship- and their loyalty. Are you a golf pro? Your members would love to be coached through the hills of Scotland. Do you own a dive shop? Your regular customers would love to take advantage of your expertise on a customized dive trip. Are you a dance teacher? Imagine how excited your students would be to perform on a cruise ship. 

At Savvy Travel Design, I craft the moments you’ll talk about for years to come. You plan the fun- let me take care of the bookings, payments, questions, and reminders. Not sure where to go? That’s okay- I’ve worked with all sorts of groups and have plenty of ideas in my back pocket.


There are several special ways I can help your group make the most of your trip:

  • VIP perks

  • Arrange performances for student groups and ensembles

  • Private tours and excursions

  • Private functions- dinners, cocktail parties, celebrations

  • Destination wedding design

  • Staffed private villas

  • Incentive travel

  • Corporate meetings and events

  • Resort buy-outs

  • Cruise ship charters


From accommodations to airline tickets, transportation, and even tours and excursions, everything will be handled professionally with my trusted service providers. 

When any member of your group has a question, they will receive a quick, detailed response from your personal travel designer. I’ll keep you informed every step of the way so you know what you need, what to expect, and even what to pack. All that’s left is to enjoy your trip!





Enjoy wine tasting events both on board and on shore. Visit historical estates and vineyards on tours, scenic drives, and guided bicycle excursions if you choose. Generations of French wine makers are ready to share their craft with you and your friends.



Day 1 Bordeaux

Day 2 Bordeaux to Libourne

Day 3 Libourne and Blaye

Day 4 Blaye and Bourg

Day 5 Pauillac

Day 6 Cadillac and Bordeaux

Day 7 Bordeaux



Starting at $2699.00 per person


Mark it off your bucket list…

  • UNESCO World Heritage sites- city of Bordeaux, 17th-century citadel in Blaye

  • Libourne market

  • Chateau de Montaigne

  • Bike the French countryside from Blaye to Bourg

  • Carriage Museum

  • Castle Roquetaillade

  • Bordeaux Wine Museum


Finally slip away to the romantic retreat you deserve






Spending the afternoon relaxing on a daybed with your partner, surrounded by gorgeous sugar-white sand, sparkling blue sky, crystal clear turquoise water, and a pina colada delivered by your very own butler.


Or, maybe your perfect escape is sipping espresso with the love of your life at a quaint street-side cafe in Venice, watching gondolas float down the canal as the sun begins to set.


At Savvy Travel Design, I craft the moments that take your breath away. Get ready to relish travel experiences hand-selected to match your idea of the perfect romantic retreat, with every detail taken care of just for you, so you can simply arrive and enjoy.


Luxury Cruising – Whether you choose to sail oceans or rivers, be sure that your cruise line is truly luxury, with the VIP treatment and perks you deserve. Authentic regional dining, beautifully appointed suites, and gorgeous bathrooms included.


All-inclusive resorts – Are you dreaming of a perfect beach? Top-shelf cocktails? A luxurious suite with all the VIP perks? Give me your wish list and I’ll wave my magic wand to guide you to your perfect paradise.


Luxury tours – Enjoy the very best your dream destinations have to offer with local guides, who will show you the hidden treasures and special experiences you won’t find on your own.


The components of your trip will be matched to you perfectly, and all the details will be handled professionally with my trusted service providers. 

All that’s left is to enjoy your trip!





Introduce yourself to the picture-perfect charms of the South Pacific. Will you be inspired by vanilla-scented Taha’a? Rugged Moorea? Or the stunning sunsets you’ll enjoy from your balcony?



Day 1 Depart Papeete, Tahiti, Society Islands

Day 2 Huahine, Society Islands

Day 3 Taha’a, Societly Islands

Day 4 Bora Bora, Society Islands

Day 5 Bora Bora, Society Islands

Day 6 Moorea, Society Islands

Day 7 Moorea, Society Islands

Day 8 Papeete, Tahiti, Society Islands

Day 9 Disembark Papeete, Tahiti, Society Islands



Starting at $5945.00 per person, including air from Los Angeles or San Francisco 


Mark it off your bucket list…

  • Explore local Polynesian villages 

  • Hike lush rainforest 

  • Experience dramatic mountain peaks, romantic lagoons, and unbelievably turquoise water in Bora Bora


Introducing: Honeymoon Planning Made Stress-Free

Five Essential Questions to Talk About

Before You Plan Your Honeymoon

I’ve found that many couples struggle to start planning their honeymoon, and it’s the same issues that trip up most of them. I wanted my clients’ planning to be fun- full of dreams and excitement. So, I created a way to lower the stress level and increase the connection.

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