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10 Reasons to Sail a Multi-River Journey

Air travel can be inconvenient and expensive, especially long haul flights. So when you make the investment, you want to make the most of the time you’ll spend in your destination. A fabulous way to maximize your European river cruise experience? Multi-river journeys! Discover the not-to-be-missed advantages of these unique river cruise itineraries…

  • Sail through the heart of multiple countries or regions during a single journey. Experience the unique cultural traditions of several countries on sailings combining two or more rivers, such as a 10-night Rhine and Moselle itinerary. Alternatively, customize your ideal extended vacation by reserving multiple sailings together, or sail through 14 countries by joining a “Seven River Journey”.

  • Your Cruise Managers take care of you throughout your journey. Your friendly and knowledgeable Cruise Manager will be there for you every step of the way, going above and beyond to help you create memories you'll cherish for a lifetime. They accompany you on optional land packages before or after your cruise as well.

  • Multi-river itineraries have been thoughtfully curated by experts. The visionaries who created these itineraries grew up along European rivers. Their intimate knowledge of these regions and means that you get the most authentic and immersive experiences, with choices to personalize every moment of your time on shore.

  • You have endless choices in how to spend your day. A variety of excursions are included, whether you prefer to learn more about a destination through its history or get active along its bike paths and hiking trails. Or take a deeper dive into the culture with an immersive special interest tour that includes culinary demonstrations and tastings of local specialties. On board, relax with scenic cruising, take a dip in the sun-deck pool, or visit the spa for a soothing massage.

  • Enjoy exclusive included experiences. Guests enjoy special exclusive experiences made possible by relationships forged throughout the years. Attend an authentic Bavarian Oktoberfest celebration in Vilshofen, Germany. Or enjoy a private visit to the medieval Lahneck Castle on the Rhine. On a Seven River Journey, you’ll be treated to unique excursions not offered on other itineraries, such as a visit to Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum or Strasbourg’s Koenigsbourg Castle.

  • Award-winning chefs prepare exceptionally diverse menus with plenty of choices. Enjoy exquisite, regionally-inspired cuisine prepared with the freshest seasonal ingredients often sourced from local ports. With multiple dining venues, you will be treated to a variety of dishes at every meal, with complimentary fine wines served during lunch and dinner. Plus, whether you are gluten-free, vegetarian or need low-sodium options, you can be accommodated. And you are always welcome to try the local food on shore!

  • A Wellness Program ensures you can enhance your best self no matter how long you sail. Whether you wish to extend your healthy lifestyle on board or try something new, complimentary wellness activities are offered multiple times a day.

  • Complimentary laundry service. To pamper you with convenience and comfort, you receive one complimentary laundry service when you reserve a combination of two or more river cruises. Guests on Seven River Journeys enjoy unlimited complimentary laundry services throughout their experience.

  • Surprises and delights! From the crew’s heartfelt efforts to thoughtful touches on board, you’ll feel like a special member of the family from the moment you book to the moment you return home.

Sounds fabulous, right? I’d love to help you choose the perfect multi-river itinerary- to get started, click here to schedule a chat with me.

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