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18 Summers

“One day…we’re going to take the kids to Hawaii!”

“We really want to take the family to Europe, it’s just so much to plan”

“The kids would love to go out West and see the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone, but our summers are just too busy”.

Sound familiar? It sure does to me! Ask most American parents, and they will agree that their family doesn’t spend enough time together. Between school, work, sports, and extracurricular activities it’s no surprise that we are all feeling disconnected and burnt out. The best way to reconnect with your loved ones is to get away. No distractions and no excuses: just you and your people, enjoying each other’s company.

Travel is proven to be a wonderful learning tool for children. Seeing how people live in other countries can open their minds and hearts and expand their imagination. Travel holds many benefits for your family:

Travel can create lasting relationships...both between your own family members and new friends you meet. These folks that you run into along the way give you a taste of what life is like outside your “bubble”.

Travel can help you learn another language…There is something very exciting about being able to greet a shop owner in French, say “please” and “thank you” in German, or order off of a menu written entirely in Italian!

Travel can give your family a new perspective…Meeting folks from other cultures will give you a glimpse into the way they look at the world, why they do some things differently than we do, and the things we have in common.

You’ve imagined it, daydreamed about it, envisioned it. Now is the time to DO IT! We get 18 summers with our children, let’s spend them intentionally. Let’s show them people and places, let’s have some fun, let’s try new things with them. Let’s give them experiences. And memories.

Ready to plan your next memory-making adventure? Click here to schedule a planning session with me!

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