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3 Fun Things To Do When Visiting The Cruise Port Of Juneau

Updated: Feb 27

Hey there, Alaska adventurer! If you're lucky enough to find yourself cruising into the picturesque port of Juneau, I've got the lowdown on three incredible things to make your day unforgettable. I’m ready to spill the beans on the history, the sights, and the must-do activities in this gem of the Last Frontier.

Dive into Juneau's Golden Past

Let's kick things off with a little history lesson! Juneau, founded in 1880 during the gold rush, boasts a captivating past. Named after gold prospector Joe Juneau, this town has seen its fair share of transformations. Did you know it used to go by Rockwell and Harrisonburg? But here's the kicker – Juneau has no roads connecting it to the rest of Alaska! The only way in is by plane, ferry, or the fabulous cruise ship you're on.

What Awaits You Dockside

As you step off your cruise ship, prepare to be wowed! The boardwalk along the docks is lined with booths offering exciting shore excursions. Forgot to book through your cruise line? No worries! You'll find something thrilling to do right there. You might:

  • 🕳️ Tour an Underground Mine

  • 🚣 Go Sea Kayaking

  • 🚠 Take the Mount Roberts Tram

  • 🐾 Visit a Dog Sled Summer Camp

  • 🐋 Go Whale Watching

  • ❄️ Visit Mendenhall Glacier

  • 🏞️ Hike to Nugget Falls

  • ✈️ Take a Sea Plane to See the Glaciers

  • 🎣 Go Salmon Fishing

  • 🚁 Take a Helicopter Ride to Mendenhall Glacier, then embark on a guided walk on the glacier.

Soar to New Heights with Mt. Roberts Tramway

My personal favorite? The Mount Roberts Tramway! Conveniently located just a short walk from the cruise docks, this tram offers an awe-inspiring ascent through a rainforest to the top of Mount Roberts. Did you know it's one of the most vertical trams globally? The views from the top include the Chilkat Mountains, Stephens Passage, and Douglas Island. Snag your tickets and enjoy the ride all day long!

Mendenhall Glacier & Nugget Falls Hike

Mendenhall Glacier, a jewel in Juneau's crown, is a must-see. Formed 3,000 years ago during the Little Ice Ages, it's one of 38 glaciers flowing from the Juneau Icefield. The blue hues are intensified on cloudy days, creating a breathtaking spectacle.

Fun fact: Originally named after the Auke Indians, the glacier got its current moniker to honor Thomas Corwin Mendenhall in 1892.

Once you're there, make the most of your visit:

  • 📸 Photo Point Trail – Easy, paved, and beautiful.

  • 🏞️ Nugget Falls Trail – A modern hike with stunning waterfall views.

  • ⏳ Trail of Time – A moderate loop with paved and gravel trails.

  • 🌲 Steep Creek – Easy loop trail with a raised boardwalk.

  • ⛰️ East Glacier – A challenging loop with gravel, rock, and stairs.

Tip: Wear comfy and sturdy shoes! Hiking boots will secure a steady pace along the pathways and to the falls.

Getting to Mendenhall Glacier? It's about 13 miles from Downtown Juneau, and options include a city bus or shuttles from the dock area. 

There you have it, friends! Juneau's history, the best dockside delights, and the scoop on Mendenhall Glacier. Your Alaskan adventure awaits – go out there and make it unforgettable! 🌟 #JuneauJourneys #AlaskaAdventure

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