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Cruise Secrets

Updated: Apr 24

Hey there, cruise enthusiast! 🚢✨ Guess what? I've got some exclusive cruise secrets that will totally rock your vacation world! Ready to sail into a stress-free, insider's guide to making the most of your cruise? Let's dive in!

🍽 Ordering Extravaganza in Main Restaurants Cruise dining is a feast without limits! You can order a second appetizer or two main courses without batting an eye. Go ahead, explore new flavors with this cruise tradition. Your taste buds will thank you.

Inexpensive or Free Room Service Craving a snack? Don't hold back on room service! Unlike land hotels, cruise ship room service is a steal – either super affordable or entirely free. It's your chance to indulge without breaking the bank.

🚢 Off-the-Beaten-Path Breakfast Nooks Say goodbye to the crowded breakfast buffet. Seek out hidden breakfast venues on cruise ships for a peaceful start to your day. The Cafe @ Two70 on Royal Caribbean's Quantum-class ships is a personal favorite. On Celebrity Cruises' Edge-class ships, head to the hidden gem – Eden Cafe. Delicious breakfast wraps, healthy choices, and tranquility await. Look for similar venues on other ships. Pro tip: room service breakfast is free on many ships, even the ones that charge for other items. 

🌟 Specialty Restaurants on Day One Fancy a specialty restaurant experience? The first night of your cruise is the golden opportunity. Beat the crowd and, sometimes, snag a discount on that gourmet meal. It's your chance to start the cruise in style.

🍻 Beer in Bulk Discounts Cheers to saving on beer! Look for those 'bucket of beer' deals at cruise ship bars. Grab a souvenir bucket and enjoy your favorite brews at a pocket-friendly price.

🍷 Save on Wine by the Bottle Love wine? Buy it by the bottle on cruise ships and save big. The best part? You don't have to finish it all at once. Your server will keep it safe for you until you're ready for another sip.

🛳 Port Day Perks While others explore on port days, you can enjoy a serene pool deck or discounted spa services. It's your exclusive ship time with fewer crowds.

🚀 Future Cruise Discounts Score big on your next cruise by booking while still on board. Get exclusive rates and perks by putting down a small deposit. You don't even need to decide on the specific itinerary right away. Pro tip: You can continue to work with your travel agent even if you book onboard, just send her the details when you get home so she can make sure the new booking was assigned to her (it should happen automatically).

🧲 Clever Cabin Hacks Need more storage? Pack magnetic hooks! Walls on cruise ships are often metal, creating extra space for hanging clothes and important papers. And here's a bright idea: use your TV as a nightlight in windowless cabins, just tune it to “bridge view” for a display similar to the light outside.

🔌 Hidden Outlets and USB Ports Keep your devices charged with hidden outlets and USB ports. Cruise lines have heard your power needs and tucked away these handy features in unexpected places.

🌊 Seasickness SOS Feeling queasy? No worries! Guest services usually offer seasickness medicine for free, and room service can provide alternative remedies like green apples and ginger. Stay comfortable and enjoy your cruise.

🎉 Free Internet Time Sign up for an internet package on the first day and snag free minutes. Planning ahead? Purchase internet packages online for discounts.

📺 Presentations from Anywhere You don't have to rush to the theater for shopping or destination presentations. Many talks are broadcast live on ship TVs. Catch them from the comfort of your cabin or watch the reruns later.

🎭 Showtime Without Reservations Worried about getting into shows? Most ships don't require reservations. Even on those that do, you can often snag a seat last minute. Arrive a bit early, and the show is yours!

Now you're armed with cruise secrets for a voyage like never before. Ready to set sail and experience the magic? Bon voyage! 🌊🚢 #CruiseSecrets #SailAwayInStyle #VacationGoals

Ready to start putting these tips to good use? Let’s talk! Click here to schedule a quick hello call with me.

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