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Vegan Food and Pickleball

Embarking on a cruise doesn't mean you have to compromise your health and wellness goals. Cruise lines are now embracing the latest trends in wellness, offering passengers exciting options to stay fit and nourished while at sea. If this is you, you'll be delighted to know that cruise ships are incorporating pickleball and expanding vegan menus, catering to a diverse range of preferences.

Pickleball on the High Seas

For those who love staying active, pickleball has become a sought-after option on cruise ships. Celebrity Cruises is leading the charge, offering pickleball on various ship classes. Whether it's at the upper Rooftop Garden on Edge-class vessels or the Sports Deck on Solstice-class ships, passengers can enjoy this hybrid sport. 

AmaWaterways has also joined the trend, introducing pickleball on the AmaMagna river cruise ship. The full-size court, located on the forward sun deck, adds a wellness dimension to the river cruising experience.

Passengers may bring their own equipment or use the provided pickleball net, paddles, and balls on the ships. It's a fantastic way to stay active, socialize, and enjoy the picturesque surroundings while engaging in a game that combines tennis, badminton, and ping-pong.

Culinary Wellness: Vegan Menus Abound

In the realm of culinary wellness, cruise lines are stepping up their game, especially in catering to vegan preferences. AmaWaterways, known for its dedication to wellness, offers an array of plant-based options. From oven-roasted eggplant bruschetta to slow-braised vegetable stew and nut-crusted pumpkin mousse, vegan passengers can indulge in a diverse and delectable culinary journey.

Celebrity Cruises is not far behind, with its latest ship, Celebrity Ascent, featuring vegan delights at the Eden restaurant. A special seven-course, plant-based tasting menu includes items like golden beet-tomato ceviche, roasted celeriac steak, and dry rose petals masala curry. The emphasis is on sourcing ingredients from their place of origin and presenting them in their most natural state. Organic and vegan wine pairings further enhance the dining experience.

Princess Cruises has also raised the bar on vegan offerings, introducing plant-based dinner menus fleet-wide. With seven menu rotations in the main dining room, Princess Cruises is committed to delivering unforgettable culinary experiences. From black beans on toast to vegan shepherd's pie, guests can savor appetizers, salads, soups, pastas, and entrees crafted without any animal products.

Azamara follows suit, offering vegan menu items in specialty Mediterranean and steakhouse restaurants. Dishes like watermelon tuna with avocado and eggplant lasagna rolls stuffed with roasted bell pepper tapenade cater to diverse tastes, proving that wellness can extend to every aspect of the cruise experience.

Whether you are seeking active pursuits like pickleball or exploring diverse and delectable vegan menus, today's cruise ships are embracing wellness trends to ensure a holistic and enjoyable experience. It's a fantastic time for health-conscious travelers to set sail and embark on a journey that aligns with their well-being goals. So, today you can cruise without compromising your commitment to a healthy lifestyle! 🌱🏓 #CruiseWellness #HealthySailing #VeganCruiseAdventure

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