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The trip you need right now!

Yours is a busy household! Between clubs, church activities, extracurriculars and homework, you are lucky to eat dinner together a couple of times each week. I know it’s tough to keep up that pace (been there, done that, got the whole wardrobe of t-shirts!). Sometimes, what your family really needs is to pull the e-brake, take a hard right turn, and get the heck off the highway for a few days.


Wonder on your daughter’s face, blinking as her eyes adjust to the low lighting of an ancient pyramid’s inner chamber. She listens intently as your guide talks about the lives of the people who built these great monuments so long ago.

Taking your first step inside your fabulously fun bi-level family suite for your cruise. Air hockey, video games and a tube slide from the bedroom- what kid could ask for more? Wait… is that a hot tub on the balcony?!

Watching from your shaded beach bed as your son learns to sail in the Florida sun. Your husband is getting tips from the golf pro while your daughter tries out the trapeze. You sit back and sip your mai tai, thinking how nice it is that it’s all included.

Image by Les Anderson
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