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Cruise Wearables

Updated: Apr 24

Embarking on a cruise is more than just setting sail to exotic destinations; it's an opportunity for a truly personalized experience. While cruising is often associated with vast ships and a sense of anonymity, one cruise line is changing the game, making your journey uniquely yours from the moment you step aboard.

Picture this: a cruise experience tailored to your music preferences, drink choices, and general interests. It's not a dream but the reality offered by Princess Cruises. The key to this high level of personalization lies in a quarter-size wearable device called the OceanMedallion. Before you set foot on the ship, Princess Cruises is delving into your likes and dislikes, using this information to craft one-of-a-kind experiences for each passenger.

The OceanMedallion, a wearable disk doubling as a key card, plays a pivotal role in this personalization journey. Linked to approximately 7,000 sensors across Princess ships, this device allows the crew and servers to know the whereabouts of guests at all times. Imagine sitting at the bar, and the entertainers are aware of your favorite musicians, tailoring their performances to your tastes. This is the magic that Princess Cruises is weaving with its innovative approach.

While every individual is unique, Princess Cruises aggregates passenger preferences to inform decisions across the ship – from port activities and stateroom experiences to dining choices and entertainment. The OceanMedallion, introduced seven years ago, not only serves as a key card but also unlocks cabin doors seamlessly, thanks to its location-sensing technology.

But the OceanMedallion's capabilities don't end there. Picture approaching your cabin, and a tablet-size screen by the door identifies you, noting any celebrations on that day. The device also facilitates onboard and off-ship purchases, offering a convenient and secure payment method. Moreover, guests can use the Medallion's location technology to locate members of their party, enhancing the overall cruise experience.

As Princess Cruises charts the course for a unique and connected world within its ships, passengers find themselves immersed in an experience tailored to their needs, wants, and desires. Whether it's the favorite tunes at the bar, a thoughtful stateroom gift, or the seamless unlocking of cabin doors, the OceanMedallion is redefining the cruise journey, one personalized touch at a time. 🚢✨ #CruiseMagic #PersonalizedVoyage #OceanMedallionJourney

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