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7 Reasons Why You Want a Premium Cruise Suite

As a trusted travel advisor, part of my job is to help make my clients’ travel dreams come true. So after my cruise clients have taken a few cruises and hit been-there-done-that level, some will be looking for something new and different… something beyond the norm. That’s the perfect time to up the ante on their cruise experience with a premium suite.

1. More space

While a standard cruise cabin (at about 150 to 190 square feet) can feel cramped for many travelers, a suite (at anywhere from 250 to 1,500 square feet or more) gives an open feeling of space and expansion. Designed more like a traveler’s living space at home, luxury suites typically include multiple bedrooms, sitting and dining areas, multiple bathrooms (some with bathtubs), walk-in closets, and a private balcony. Suites give guests room to move around - and a feeling that they can breathe the entire travel experience in more deeply.

2. Front-row seat to each destination

The outdoor living space of many luxury suites provides spectacular views 24/7. And, who wouldn’t want a front-row seat from their own private balcony as the cruise ship arrives at each of the destinations on their chosen itinerary?

3. Amenities to enjoy

Bumping the typical cruise experience up a few notches, premium suites offer more amenities than standard staterooms. For instance, they may include an in-suite Nespresso machine; Swarovski binoculars to use during the voyage; complimentary internet service throughout the voyage; an enhanced in-suite bar setup with additional wines and spirits for entertaining; more luxurious bedding; and even a private car transfer service as needed.

4. Unexpected value

Often, cruise lines deliver more special offers and added value experiences when a guest books a premium suite. Some might be obvious, such as bespoke living space or ample shipboard credits given. Others must be personally experienced onboard to be appreciated, such as a built-in heated jacket wardrobe, where guests can grab a warm coat before heading out on their private deck on a cool morning or hang their wet outdoor parka to dry quickly when they return from their off-ship expedition adventures.

5. Splurge and be pampered

The coveted perks of VIP treatment come with premium suites, such as access to exclusive areas of the ship, priority access boarding and disembarking, first-choice reservations in alternative restaurants and shore excursions, and more personalized service all around. Some luxury suite categories also offer 24-hour butler service and concierge services, to cater to the traveler’s every need.

6. Space to entertain

For travelers who plan to host dinners or meetings while onboard, suites are the perfect choice. Customized service is on hand to accommodate the guest’s entertaining needs. And, there are different types of suites to chose from, some offering an apartment-style layout that stretches over two stories, to provide as much space as the gathering calls for.

7. Perfect for multigenerational travel

Premium cruise cabins offer living space options that can comfortably accommodate several guests in one party. Those traveling with every possible family combination, from little ones to grandparents or even aunts and uncles, can enjoy time together - and apart. They have the convenience of traveling together, but with separate bedrooms and their own space to retreat to when they want a bit of privacy.

I love being able to give my clients a new kind of exclusive cruise experience that they’ll always remember, especially my experienced cruisers who start to feel like they’ve “seen it all” when it comes to cool cruise ship amenities.

Ready to start planning your next cruise? Click here to schedule a chat with me, and let’s get you out there!

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