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Should You Upgrade Your Long Haul Flight?

Let’s face it, it’s expensive to travel to far away places (and totally worth it, trust me!)

Compared to most shorter distance, or domestic flights, you may already be experiencing some sticker shock.

But let me suggest a reframe here….

Instead of looking at the total price tag, break it down into cost per travel hour. Let’s compare 24 hours to Sydney at $2,500 vs. 3.5 hours to Vegas for $250. Sydney breaks down to $104/hour and Vegas to $71/hour - it doesn’t look so bad anymore, does it? Now, considering you are going to be spending hours and hours on that plane, it’s worth spending a little extra - per travel hour - to upgrade for more comfort.

Many factors like which airline you choose, how long your connections are, what style aircraft you choose, etc. are all going to affect your comfort and pleasure on a long-distance flight. As your travel agent, I will handle all of these details for you to get you the easiest, comfiest flight possible.

As we are planning your trip, I will recommend optional upgrades to you to make your journey more comfortable.

For example…

For business and first class travelers most airlines give you a set of comfy PJ's and a complete toiletries kit so you can "go to bed" in your seat which folds down into a flat bed (and they are yours to keep). (By the way, the complimentary PJ's on Emirates flights are DIVINE, so don’t think you’re just going to get cheap, disposable type pajamas.)

When you're ready to sleep, your flight attendant will prepare your bed for you with soft blankets and full size pillows.

The bathrooms in the business and first class cabins are significantly larger (at least 3X the size), which makes changing, brushing your teeth, and washing your face much easier.

I'm happy to price out business and first class tickets for you in addition to coach and premium economy tickets.

If this is the ONLY reason you choose to work with me as your travel agent, this is worth it. I will research and find you the best upgrade options so that you can actually enjoy your time in transit and arrive at your destination happy, well rested, and ready to enjoy your destination.

Ready to plan your next adventure? Click here to schedule a planning session with me!

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